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Teddy Bears

Buy Multi-Colored Soft Teddy Bears Online in India

If you want to buy teddy bears online in India, you could choose from the collection available at Post My Greetings to find distinctive ones. You could send any of these cute teddy bears to your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse to surprise him or her pleasantly or even as a birthday gift to your grandmother, if not to a child in your family. You could let those you feel close to know that you are thinking of them or wish them well on their special days by sending teddy bears online. If you are unable to visit some one when you wish to, sending a huggable teddy bear bought online is perhaps the next best thing to do.


The range is suitable for all occasions and ages and includes products that are of the best quality and are priced reasonably. ‘Combo’ offers, wherein you could combine a teddy bear with other gift items such as flowers, chocolates, cakes, fruits, or dry fruits, are also available. Whether you live in this country or another, you could save on high shipping costs and have one of the sweet teddy bears delivered for free to any part of India.

The Teddy Bear Story

In November 1902, Clifford Berryman drew a political cartoon that was published in the Washington Post. It featured a small bear cub held at one end of a rope by a retainer, along with President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States, who refused to shoot it down during a hunting expedition. The stuffed bear that later became famous around the world as teddy bear was inspired by that cartoon. Incidentally, President Roosevelt had ‘Teddy’ as his nickname.


It was around the same time that Richard Steiff and a storekeeper in Brooklyn named Morris Michtom were inspired by the cartoon and designed such a bear. It is still unclear as to which one was designed first. Toy Company and Ideal Novelty were the labels under which the earliest teddy bears were manufactured, although they were not referred to as such then.


Berryman, who won a Pulitzer Prize during his career that spanned more than 5 decades, included the bear in several hundred political cartoons following the first one mentioned above and it was on account of those that it gradually came to be known as Teddy’s bear at first and then simply as teddy bear.

Collecting Teddy Bears

Many like to collect teddy bears and nowadays there are teddy bear shows held worldwide.


Here are a few tips about maintaining such a collection, in case you would like to have one:

  • - Preserve teddy bears received as gifts and heirlooms and build your collection up from there.
  • - Learn all you can through research and study and refer to any of a number of excellent books that are available on the subject.
  • - Check your teddy bear collection at least once a year to ensure that bugs, water, light, etc. are not harming it. It will also let you relive the excitement that you felt when you bought each of the bears.
  • - Share your collection with your spouse or any of your parents or children and tell them all about it to increase the joy that it provides you manifold.


Since it is now quite easy to buy teddy bears online in India, through websites such as Post My Greetings, you should be able to scale up your collection fairly quickly.